What’s my Property Value in this Current Market?


Your home valuation can greatly depend on who is giving you the facts (just watch on some National sites), I will give you an example:

I was going to list a property, I looked at some of the National Sites and the property was coming in at about 695k ESTIMATES. I ran my comp and it came in at 792k, we listed it at 800k, and all the National sites got right on board with ME on their valuations. Imagine this, the home sold for 800k!

If you want a detailed evaluation including upgrades and repairs needed you need to speak with a Realtor with EXPERIENCE. You should ask your Realtor “How many years have you been a Realtor? Is this your only JOB?”.

I can provide the best valuation for you and it’s FREE (and never an obligation). Just call me, I PROMISE I will not bring the listing agreement with me. And I will let you follow up with me, no pressure here. You will get an experienced REALTOR with no obligation.